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Tomorrow's sustainable protein starts today

The need to identify sustainable sources of protein in animal feed is recognized by both the European Union and the United Nations as a matter of critical importance.

The future of humans eating

We have no doubt insects will play an important role in tomorrow’s foodchain, including direct human consumption. Insects are a great source of nutriments and energy that we believe will be leveraged for tomorrow’s human nutrition to allow more sustainable eating habits.

As for Kinsect, we believe our mission will be focused on animal nutrition for the time being, where demands are huge and so the positive environmental impact the biggest. That being said, our technology and know-how can already provide for high quality and highly nutritional ingredients for food and we will be ready the day the world will be ready to eat more insects.

Circular and zero-waste logic

We develp an unique and innovative model of insect farming at industrial scale for animal feed. Our plant  o-locating with existing agro-industries makes it possible to recycle agricultural co-products and energy necessary to feed and raise our larvae, and therefore ultimately to feed farm animals while minimizing our environmental impact. This unique industrial symbiosis model saves 57,000 T of CO2 per year.

Advantage of intensive breeding of soldier flies are:

  • Sustainable and circular production

  • Re-use of by-products and waste

  • Lower import costs and resilience of supply chains

  • Low soil energy and water consumption

  • No antibiotics


A B-Corporation

KINSECT Srl, as a Benefit Company, will operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, the territory, the environment and other stakeholders, through the pursuit of purposes of common benefit.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our commitment is total, the team is heterogeneous and has extensive experience in different sectors. Our common mission is to improve the environment by bringing a sustainable and circular approach to the production of high-quality proteins.

Partners network

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