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Agricultural Outlook and Insect Farming, IPIFF annual conference 2022

Aggiornamento: 30 nov 2022

Alexander Stein, from Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural

Development (European Commission),

The Farm to Fork strategy is at the heart of the European Green Deal, aiming to

make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.

The transition towards a sustainable food supply chain is key to the Farm to

Fork strategy, which envisions a circular bio-based economy. Insect farming

could contribute to this objective by transforming food losses and waste into an

additional supply of protein.

Actually in the EU, roughly one fifth of food produced for human consumption is

lost or wasted (129 million t per year).

A simulation of the potential of insect farming in EU shows that 23 million t of

protein meal and 6 million t of oil can be produced, in 2030, if the 50% of

global food waste is used as feed for insects (black soldier flies).

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