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What is the future of food? #FutureOfFood #FoodSystems #SustainableEating

Updated: May 22, 2023

The future of food is set to encounter various challenges, including traceability in increasingly complex global contexts, the environmental impact of food systems, and food dependency. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an influence on our eating habits.

In response to these challenges, several European countries have expressed their ambition to become leaders in protein production to ensure their food independence. Kinsect, a company actively involved in the industrial-scale development of the insect sector, aligns with this strategy. By upcycling low-value industrial co-products and producing local insect-based alternatives to fishmeal, Kinsect contributes to the creation of a circular, resilient, and sustainable food system. The recent health crisis has emphasized the importance of food autonomy and safety throughout the entire food value chain. Ensuring safe products for consumers is a strategic issue that will shape the future of food. Resilient and sustainable food systems that prioritize environmental impact and consumer safety will be at the forefront. The need for sustainable protein sources in animal feed is recognized as a critical issue by the European Union and the United Nations. Protein independence is a significant challenge as the world's population grows, and dietary habits change, particularly in developing countries. Currently, Europe imports 70% of its protein. Insects are considered an excellent source of nutrition and energy, and they are expected to play a crucial role in future sustainable diets. Insects as a food source have already been culturally adopted in certain parts of the world, and there is a clear trend towards their consumption in Western countries as well. New types of insect-based snacks, utilizing insects either as the main ingredient or in the form of protein powder or oil, are emerging. While Kinsect focuses primarily on animal feed at present due to the substantial demand and positive environmental impact, the company's technology and expertise are capable of delivering high-quality and highly nutritious ingredients for human food. Kinsect is prepared to seize the opportunity when the world is ready to embrace insects as a more prominent part of the human diet. For more information on the future of food and sustainable eating, you can explore reputable sources such as scientific research papers, reports from international organizations like the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and articles published by renowned food and sustainability experts. These sources provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of food systems and the potential solutions to address future challenges.

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