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Why are governments around the world involved in insect-based protein innovations? #SustainableFood

Updated: May 22, 2023

Governments worldwide are actively supporting the emerging insect-based protein industry due to its potential to provide sustainable protein sources. The European Union and the United Nations recognize the need to establish sustainable protein sources for animal feed as a critical issue.

The UK Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food has recently announced a significant investment of up to CAD $8.5 million to support an insect production facility. This investment enables the producer to utilize smart technology to cultivate billions of crickets, primarily for pet food purposes, at their facility in London, Ontario. The funding aims to upgrade technology, reduce production costs, and make the products more appealing for sale in domestic and international markets, targeting health food and pet food companies. This initiative demonstrates how companies like Kinsect are reimagining sustainable food production and leveraging smart technology to turn this vision into a reality.

The funding support is part of larger Agritech and Agrifood projects, which aim to assist companies in commercializing innovative agriculture-based products, technologies, processes, or services that enhance competitiveness and sustainability.

The investment from the Canadian government in insect-based protein production is not limited to this instance. The AgriInnovate program has allocated CAD $6 million to support other companies in the sector, such as Entosystem, a Quebec-based insect farming technology solutions provider, and Enterra Feed Corporation based in Alberta. These investments are intended to foster the development of innovative processes for converting black soldier flies into protein-rich products.

By supporting these innovations with funding, governments aim to enhance the global competitiveness of domestic companies in the black soldier fly industry. Additionally, they strive to maintain Canada's position as a global agricultural leader by fostering innovation within the agriculture and agribusiness sector.

For more information on government involvement in insect-based protein innovations and the sustainable food industry, you can refer to credible sources such as official government websites, agricultural publications, and news articles from reputable media outlets. These sources will provide in-depth insights into the initiatives, policies, and investments made by governments worldwide to promote sustainable protein sources and support the growth of the insect-based protein industry.

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