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We created Kinsect for a very specific reason: we believe we can make a difference by designing technologies for sustainability and the circular economy. With our work, we want to revolutionise the production of alternative proteins using insects, enabling more sustainable production and the preservation of important ecosystems at risk. This goal drives everything we do, from our market-leading technology to our operational structure.


Reggio Emilia

What you will do

Composed of a number of crunchers and technology lovers, Kinsect team is working to enable the advent of a new technology that can revolutionise the production of alternative insect-based proteins.

We love Tech. We love Nature. We work hard. 

As the next Engineer at Kinsect, you will join a highly motivated team of technology enthusiasts. We are focused on impact, which is why we love to find simple, intelligent solutions to complex problems and embrace modern technologies to tackle difficult challenges. As engineers, we design the new prototypes, supervise implementation and deployment and cooperate closely with entomologists to test every part of the system involving insects.

What we look for in you

You will work inside one of the cross-functional squads, supporting them on their mission to create impact for our technology.

In order to do that you will:

  • Actively contribute to finding technical solutions

  • Proactively give feedback on planning road maps

  • Iterate fast on feedback and changes

  • Design and build our systems in a way so that they run with reasonable costs

You will also:

  • Develop end-to-end solutions including concept, road maps, implementation, testing, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance

  • Ensure the reliability and availability of the systems through robust testing, monitoring, and maintenance

  • Be part of the on-call rotation we share in the Engineer team in order to provide our users with available systems

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