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Why have we ruled out human use of our proteins?

Updated: May 22, 2023

Insect production for #humanconsumption is still a relatively small market globally. While insects are a common food source in many traditional cultures in #Asia, #Africa, and #LatinAmerica, they have not yet been widely accepted as food in Western countries.

Several factors could limit the growth of the insect market for human consumption. These include the lack of rules and regulations for insect production and trade, food safety concerns, and the absence of a traditional food culture that accepts insects as a common food source.

Despite these challenges, there is a growing interest in insects as a sustainable source of protein, and insect farming for human consumption is gaining popularity among producers and consumers. In Italy, insects are not widely accepted as food for human consumption, although there are some examples of production and trade of insects for this purpose.

European legislation permits the marketing of certain insect species for human consumption, but strict hygiene and health regulations must be followed in handling and preparing insects. In Italy, there are a few companies producing and selling insects as food for human consumption, but the market is still relatively small, and insects have not yet gained widespread acceptance in Italian food culture.

(Source: FAO)

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