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Digital Farming
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Kinsect researches and develops high-efficiency plants to improve and increase the production of sustainable protein meals. The aim is to industrialise bio-conversion using insects thanks to the circular economy and low environmental impact, and production is based on the input of agro-industrial and agro-food residues.


Kinsect has developed exclusive patents in order to improve the most delicate stage of the bio-conversion process. Thanks to them, the spawning and gestation phase of the larvae showed a significant increase in specific KPIs.

Business model

The company proposes a business model in which production is split into two stages, improving the scalability and management of bioconversion processes.

Pilot plant

For more than 5 years, Kinsect has been studying the bio-conversion of soldier flies by improving each step of the process through a pilot plant where scientific tests are carried out and process-specific KPIs are measured.

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